You want to meet and are ready to make the next steps in order to do so? Wonderful. My safety and yours is of the upmost importance. Discretion is just as valuable.

You must fill out my booking form or you may email me. I require references of reputable ladies you have recently met with in the past. I will need your name, and work information will help as well. I must deem you safe to see. Don’t forget to leave a tidbit about how you feel your past paramours will remember you!

If you don’t have any references or they will not suffice I WILL require your full name, work information and copy of your ID, DL or passport.

Please practice good manners when emailing me. Introduce yourself, tell me about yourself. I as well will be intrigued.

I am available for engagements Monday through Friday. I RARELY will come out on a weekend but at times it may be possible. Evenings and Nights are also not currently available. Take a peek at my calendar and you will find my available days. If interested for a future date , and it’s blank on my calendar, simply ask me about it! If it’s SAME DAY and you find it to be blank on my calendar I am most likely OFF.

I come out to enchant during the hours of 9AM-4PM.

571-931-5522 (texting is permitted for those who have met with me prior and for those who have made a current engagement and are awaiting the day.)

I understand unforeseen happenings occur in our day to day living. If you must cancel our time together, and CANNOT immediately reschedule I ask for 50% of the expense to be paid to me for cancellations with 48-72 hours notice. Cancellations within 24 hours will require 100% payment. Thank you for respecting me.

Contact me using my secure

Booking Form

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