Nothing in this life happens by chance. Every move we make, road we travel, turn we navigate, brings us to each point in our lives. You coming to find me here was meant to be. You and I meeting is supposed to happen. I am here for you to broaden your experiences and to help you awaken your true self. You won’t know what living and breathing truly is until we meet!

Born and raised near Mediterranean waters, I grew up with a thirst for travel and adventure. I have been fortunate in my travels and blessed with friends from all over. Family is very important to me and my friendships are my extended family. Loyal, trustworthy, charming, ethereal and free spirited I am. I also possess a wicked sense of humor and a sharp wit. Nothing gets past me but I also take everything in stride and my laid back nature will instantly put you at ease.

I have spent the past 10 years as a tattoo model and an atmosphere model in many of the big cities including Vegas, New York and L.A. In school I studied English language and literature. I love a good book.

Laughing and getting to know people are my hobby and passion. I love life, love animals, fitness, fine cuisine, oceans, being outdoors, literature, film, music festivals, coffee, Pilates and so much more! You will just have to come find out the rest for yourself!

Sidney Starr

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