Here I have spent my life learning about what I am most passionate about. Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Good vibes, positivity and always giving it your best and never giving up! With growth and experience you can reach your true self and make your goals and dreams into reality! I am here for you to help you, to guide you and to help you achieve full confidence. You came here first so you have made a positive step in your journey. We are all on our own journeys, but we have all made the choice to better ourselves. You can achieve anything you want if you just believe in yourself.

With hard work, together, we can change your bad habits and create new positive habits. I am not putting you on a diet, I am here to help you change your life. Yes it isn’t hard , but together we can help you reach your goals.

As a fitness trainer and a fitness/tattoo model I love connecting with everyone I meet or work with on the daily, because I can find a way to relate to everyone in some way. We can help each other, and that is rewarding in itself. Put your trust in me and your perspective on life will be a more positive one, I can assure you.

Aside from my love of fitness and health, I am a huge advocate for animal rights. I have 4 dogs that I adore. When not in the fitness studio or training I am unwinding with movies, books, concerts or relaxing by the water. Everyone deserves “ME” time.

Sidney Starr